more of an interest rather then question

by Ben

QUESTION: I'm Ben im a fellow aussie i live in wollongong NSW, and i have recently takin up studying bushido and entering the way of the sword, i practice the way verry intently and have a freind who has started it awso i have many othere freinds wanting to do it also and later this year i will be opening my school of bushido to the public because there is a surprising portion of people intrested.

I have recently perchesd my first sword for christmas and am impressed with how much of a beating its realy taking from my unskilled hands and are impressed with its abilitys of still being able to cut verry impressively after such punishment i purchased it of a
web site called its an australian site and they sell a massive line of swords from realy high end brands to brands youve never herd of.

I am building my own forge to make my own swords but am verry new to it and i am serching for my first permanent katana that will last a verry long time of rigures cutting but in a resmable price range i have come across the G-600 dragon katana (
and was woundering what you thought or if u had a better sugestion please help.

Now i am a descent fan of your site im on here daily if not every 3 days seeing whats knew and ive come across swords that you thought were well lets say absoultly a descrace to even being called a sword but i was woundering if you had kept those swords and i am perticly talking about the katana's because and i know its a bit of an ask but i am intrested in those swords to practice my forgeing on them and repair and give a much better edge and harder edge to them if you could help it would be tremendsly apretiated.

My final word is i am verry intrested in the Shobu Zukuri kurome sword u have and was woundering what the deal was with shipping to aus.

Thanks heaps
yours sincerly

ANSWER: G'day Ben,

Good luck with the school and everything. The forging sounds like a lot of fun, I hope everything goes well with that too - keep me informed! :-)

As to the used swords, most I give away to my friends, or those that are not too badly damaged I sell on ebay from time to time. I don't really have any spare at the moment so to speak, still a few more tests in mind... ;-)

But anyway, thanks for asking and talk to you later.

Cheers mate,

- Paul

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Good Brand
by: Ben

Hey its me again and befor i ask my question i just wanna say that youve done a truly excelent job with this site and i dont think u get any were near anoth reconition for the amount of people youve helped, truly well done.

Any way onto my question i have knew brand for you that i have descoverd the brand is
"last legend" and i know thats not anything special but there claims are they have claimed that there swords (katan's- Japanese swords)are the yes "the" sharpest competition blades around
i have trouble believing this being fully aware of what othere swords can do but i would like your opinion as an expert to tell me what there realy about.

if its not to much truble (altho im sure u will be as intriged as i was)the url to save u time is or if u are wonting to ship try this site thats one of there retailers and an aliright site by its self thanks :)


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