most durable katana $1000-$1500

by dan

QUESTION: I am looking to spend about 1200 on an as genuine as that will buy katana. I want to get the most durable non chipping steel possible for that money. I would like this to be a one time purchase, at least for now. So could you tell me you opinion on the top 3 swords out there that if contacted by another blade in battle would hold up the best. I have looked at hundreds but dont know really how to choose. Also I want to purchase a ninja sword, how do you compare the cheness 9260 oniyuri to the gen 2 bwt ninja, and are there any better for more money. Hope I didnt ask too much.

Thank you very much, dan


The first question is actually kind of hard to answer, at least in one way. In terms of this price range (well, slightly more actually) Hanwei make a L6 Bainite Katana The Oni which is extremely durable, but not at all traditional.

Remember, a traditional Katana is durable enough for the task it was designed for, namely - cutting through human flesh and bone. When it comes to steel on steel, they generally don't do so well (if struck edge to edge, Katana will generally chip and bite into each other and lock up).

But yea, for sheer durability - have a look around for one of those Oni L6 Bainites...

Now, as far as your second question, I have yet to properly try out the BWT Ninja sword, so can't say too much about it other than I have heard from others that it is good and rather underrated. But also, possibly about to be discontinued...

As far as other Ninja swords go, check my reviews here, my personal favorites are the Oniyuri and the Practical Ninja Sword, but for very different reasons.

Hope this helps at least a bit.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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good sword
by: Anonymous

Check out cold i purchased a warrior katana for 600 dollars and its amazing. It cuts through a 2x4 with no problem! They have videos of them doing cut tests and they bend the sword to a 90 degree angle and it doesnt snap or bend or anything. Ive cut so many tree branches wood everything. And it hasnt chipped or bent. Its extremely sharp and extremely durable

Ninja sword
by: Anonymous

A ninja sword is not called a ninja sword, it is called a ninjato and in cause you didn't know what the differences are between the two are that the ninjatos handle and blade are straight not curved like a katana and the tip of the ninjato is straight and diagonal unlike the katana which is curved.

Ninja sword exp.
by: Anonymous

JUst add 2cents............
The Ninjato was prob invented in the early 80s or 70s and was not used by the Ninjas....they would have used Katanas as they were mercenaries and did not and could not forge their own blades...
Same prob gos for many of the other weapons that we know now today as "Ninja Weapons"
From what I have read online.....

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