Musashi Yasha Katana

by Philip Allwood
(Hamm, Germany)

QUESTION: Am I wrong or did Musashi Swords just discontue the yasha since your review? Because before you reviewed it, it was the last item in their pro swords category. Maybe I'm blind and that's why I can't find it. Well, that's it...

Kind Regards, Philip

ANSWER: Hi Philip,

No - they haven't discontinued it. Indeed, I do not believe it was ever actually listed on the Musashi Swords site.

It is available currently at some rather obscure vendors, however it is pretty new and was sent to me for evaluation before being widely stocked anywhere - so it really is just a question of time before it starts appearing on the market.


- Paul

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test rating
by: Kit

What was or is your rating on this sword?
Thanks, Kit

Yasha Rating
by: Paul Southren

4/5 overall. Very nice, but for the price - it is possible to do as well or nicer elsewhere.

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