My 1st sword/problem!?

by Barry
(Sand Springs,Oklahoma U.S.A>)

QUESTION: Last week I received my 1st sword.It is the Windlass Steelcraft Raven Sword. My reasonining behind choosing this sword was to have a beater and build muscle. At least until I can get used to balance,swinging,targeting etc..

To my fright joy & fright.I unpackaged the weapon. Set up the shipping carton as a target & and began slicing it in slivers with much ease. This was pretty cool considering it wasn't razor sharp. But when I reached the bottom of the box and hit a couple of staples the handle suddenly felt loose.

The more I use this sword for targeting the looser the handle gets. The pommel seems to be strongly attached to the blade. But the cross guard & hilt really rattle. I emailed Windlass about theproblem. And asked for advice. Like are there repair kits or can I get replacement. Does anyone know if the acting mace on the end this sword screw down or what. To possibly tighten it. I got this sword from By The Sword. The return policy looked alittle grimm. I dont like the idea of spending another $100.00 just to send it back to merchant. I even thought of using leather laces to wind between the pommel & guard to see if that will remedy the problm. I have plans of being a collecter. And do not plan on allowing my first experience to stop me from my new planned hobby. I bought this sword from a mercant recommened by The Sword Buyers guide. Like I told Windlass in my email, I am not angry just concerned. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. I will also keep all of advised of the outcome of this My 1st sword/problem?!

ANSWER:Hi Barry,

This is probably one of the biggest problems with buying swords - online or otherwise - is that many dealers and manufacturers leave you on your own if you have used a sword and it gets damaged.

However, not all are like this. By the sword are usually pretty good, and I have heard of them helping a customer with a problem like this by dealing with the manufacturer on your behalf.

Whatever the case, this sword should not have loosened like this striking a cardboard box. So my advice is to contact by the sword and explain the problem and ask if they will assist either having this sword sent back to them for replacement or repair.

Let me know how you go.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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