My dojo pro model #26 has scratches

by Justin Cofield
(Bodfish, CA, US)

Dojo pro series #26 blade

Dojo pro series #26 blade

Hi Paul Justin Cofield here, big fan. My dojo pro got scratched while cutting a dirty of a car mat. The blade itself, is indestructible just like you said, however it took some bad scratches to the polish. Any tips?

P.S. while caught in a noob moment I stuffed paper towel in the saya to get that wax out....
I feel like I should honor kill myself for that one. Any Ideas?

Thanks Paul and again LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!

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An easy fix or two :)
by: Paul

Hi Justin,

Sorry for the edit, got to keep it family friendly you know.. ;-)

Anyway, to answer your question - this is an easy fix. One good thing of many about the Dojo Pro line is that they don't have any kind of fake hamon line (being monotempered, they will not have a hamon - many other brands put a fake on one but Ronin prefers not to as part of their whole "keep it real" philosophy).

This means it is easy to polish out any scratches and not have a "bald patch" on the blade - simply follow the instructions in our free ebook here

As to removing any paper towel in the saya - simply use some long inflexible wire with a hook on the end.

The waxy residue (lithium grease) will go away in time, better that than a rusty sword!

For more ideas and sword care tips you can also visit our Sword Care Page Here

Hope this helps, feel free to follow up if there is any other way I can be of help at all!

All the best,
- Paul

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