My First Sword...Kaze Katana!

by -Greg Randolph

I wanted a good "learner" sword that was tough, sharp, and affordable. I wanted to cut, practice sword techniques, and basically learn swordsmanship. I did a lot of research, shopping, and read a lot of reviews. Paul's website was really helpful for someone like me who had NO KNOWLEDGE of swords.
I bought the Kaze and am convinced this is one of a handful of the best "First Swords" for someone to have. It is affordable, sharp, and well made. The steel is high quality. I polished the blade to remove the etch, and the hamon is still there.
I have cut milk jugs, water bottles and wild sugar cane. Wow! I was impressed. The blade is heavier than my son's Tenchi with bo-hi (fuller), so if you want a lighter, quicker sword, go with the Tenchi (another good first sword).
I had to do some minor fitting to get the sword to come apart without having to beat it with a mallet, but that's ok. Don't think a $300 sword is going to be a finely fitted work of art. But, fully functional and solid? YES! I highly recommend the Kaze (or the Tenchi) to anyone who wants a functional Katana as a first sword. I have polished the blade and habaki, and painted the tsuba and koshirae, so the picture isn't of a factory Kaze.

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