My only Blade store

by J. Michael Gelaude
(Bodfish CA, USA)

I have bought A Hanwei antiqued Basket hilt Claymore, A musashi Ninja-to, a Masahiro Sakura Katana, and now a Musashi Hiryuu Katana for My Sensei's dojo.

All in all Kult of athena is the best...I only bought one blade from another company and never will again!! from the other company I got a "Hanwei Sgin dubh" but they sent me a $30 windlass instead and it was past the return policy due to "slow" shipping!

On the other hand, I asked kult of athena for a specific "look" to my claymore, and they went through the trouble of finding the best suited antiqued Claymore, so it would look more "weathered" then aged. They are the best!!!

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