Mystically electrocharged swords

by BC

So I've recently heard of this thing about charging a katana with electro magnets and certain metals holding the charge longer for the purpose of easier cutting? It sounds like bs hocuspocus like some sword makers invoking the sword with a spirit or energy so they cut better. Is this just more fantasy surrounding the mythical bs that katanas have gained over the years or is there actually something to it? Again I don't believe it as I think metal is metal and there is nothing magical about it. Any metal other than stainless when tempered properly and given a good edge with the ability of the wielder will cut no matter what. Am I wrong?

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Not wrong..
by: Paul

Umm, yeah - steel is indeed steel as far as I can tell. Basic physics suggests that what makes a sword cut well is the hardness, mass, sharpness of the edge, the blade geometry, speed and the skill and confidence of the cutter..

I suppose in theory a sword that had an electromagnetic charge would possibly have some sub atomic effect when it cuts, but if so it would make no practical difference if any of the above real world factor were missing..

I don't know whether or not BELIEVING in its mystical properties would make the cuts and better or not, maybe tapping into the subconscious to produce a cleaner and better cut than normal. But yeah, long story short - sounds like marketing hype to me..

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