Negative experience at KoA

by Alen

Received a defective Hanwei Shobu Raptor, with rattling saya.

The blade tip is chipped and rolled, also the blade is dirty. Before shipping my order, I specifically asked to check for QC issues.

Also have asked to check if the tsuka length listed on their web site was indeed 11 inches, and not 13 like other sites including Hanwei have it written. I was told it is 11 inches, and that they measure them when the items come in. I don't like a 13 inch tsuka personally.

Anyway, I am not very happy, they suppose to check for these issues, definitely will not repeat, and hope I will have a smooth return process.

Shipping an order took 3 days, packing was nice, and adequate, but the product was not. Hanwei as well as Cold steel also should really watch what the heck they send people. But the dealer, especially a specialized sword dealer like Kult of Athena should check these things. Or they will loose good customers. I am not happy!!!

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Apr 03, 2016
They don't check
by: Anonymous

No, they don't check your order individually because you ask. They'll just say "we check everything and reject a lot of what even the manufacturer's say is fine". I got damaged and faulty items as well, to which their response even to my photos, measurements, and video unboxing was that I was "full of sh**". Their words, not mine. :)

Mar 27, 2015
by: Rob

Did you contact them after you received it, or just rush to fire off this review in frustration?
Did you give them a chance to correct it? How was their return process?
KOA is cream of the crop! Mistakes happen. Give them a chance to fix it before reviewing.

Mar 26, 2015
For the sake of balance
by: Paul

While Kult of Athena has a solid reputation, its good to have a balanced view.

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