New Blades-What not to do!

by Wakizashi/Katana Guy

I recently got a Wakizashi from an old houses attic with a considerable amount of rust, and I used a metal brush power tool to clean it off. DONT DO THIS!!!!! It completely ruined the blades angle, and has cost me a lot to repair it. Not only that, but the blade is shorter than what it once was, and lost some of the steeper curve towards the front. I recommend using a whetstone to polish and sharpen you blade, weather it be a Wakizashi, Katana, or anything of the sort. One tip I would would say is to try mixing water with baking soda then using the whetstone with that. The baking soda will help prevent futrue rust. As a replacement for Choji Oil, I used gun oil which has worked out well for me. If anybody has any tips as to how to get a sharper blade, or get out the small scratches in a Wakizashi ( which really bother me ) please leave a reply! I hope this helped for new Japanese sword buyers - so Good Luck!

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