by Joe Tom
(Dallas, TX)

QUESTION: I got my new sgc not long ago! I was wondering what it can cut and what I should cut as targets. I was thinking thick bamboo for getting used to it. I am very exited about my new buy!


Bamboo is no problem for this sword. Of course, being a 'Specialized Goza Cutter' - it naturally cuts Goza (i.e. Tatami Omote) extremely well, and this is the best target for it. Roll it as thick as you like, it just seems to sail on through.

In a pinch, you might also like to roll up and soak a newspaper in water. It's a decent Tatami substitute, though it sometimes leaves a stain so you need to clean the blade quickly after using it.

I'm sure you will have a blast with this sword. Very enjoyable.

Stay safe and happy cutting!

- Paul

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