Newbie - Musashi or KC???

by JC

QUESTION: I see good remarks on several of the Musashi swords and just saw a Kris Cutlery 25II on sale.

I have budget of around $130-150 so the KC 25II is in there and appears to be a very high quality sword. Is there a difference and would a person go for the discounted KC over a standard priced Musashi in the same price range? Which Musashi is recommended?

This is first sword as gift and would like something nice with quality.

Thanks, JC


I won't give my own personal option here, but have recently created a site that should answer your questions:

Info on Kris Cutlery

Info on Musashi Swords

I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but be sure to read the user submitted reviews and info at the bottom of each page... ;-)

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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carbon steel rating
by: Kit

Hi Paul, I most definatly look forward to your email. As a newbie i have learned much. My question is: Why do many distributers fail to show what quality of "high carbon" steel. Personally i will not buy a sword unless i know what carbon steel it is. I have ask dealers thru mail and some don't know themselves. Use your influence as much as you can and let's change the problem.

Thanks, Kit

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