Newer Version of the Musashi Wind Dragon

(Alberta, Canada)

This sword we bought in canada for only $80 and it can easily cut through water bottles and small tree branches, but except it rusts extremely easily and it gets nicks easy, but it feels really well built, very tight wrap, with authentic ray skin, the pommel kept coming untied, but that got fixed, but some good things are its light, it came razor sharp, and it came not in a cheap cardboard box, but in a beautiful wooden japanese case, threaded in red with designs and decorations on it and came nicely packed inside, very good first impression, not skeptical at all, it seemed pretty good for performance, i could easy cut water bottles in half, the blade came oiled and waxed by the way, and was in good condition, its steel isn't the best..1045 i think, not the highest, it gets nicks if you cut wood or branches. but yes, very good for the cheap price, i hope they start making them in japan rather than china soon.

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by: Anonymous

Well, the rust issue and your nicks are actually connected. After cutting tree branches, you need clean the blade very intensely as the juices from the branches dont get along with steel. Anyways, make sure you oil your sword up after every cut, and try to polish out the nicks as much as possible because they can sometimes lead to cracks and even blade breaks.

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