No, this is NOT a question about shinwa...or whether the tenchi or kaze is better ;-)

by Brogdon M. Combs
(Tallahassee, Florida, USA)

QUESTION: Hey Paul, it's SlayerofDarkness back again for the third time in two days...whoa you must be getting sick of me lol (^_^). First off, isn't this question (VERY!!!) aptly named?
And the 'real' question- I am a big fan of duel wielding swords (Having one sword in a normal grip in one hand, and another in a reverse grip in your second hand) and I'm looking for a sword that would fit these requirements:

1. is cheap enough that a low income 14 year old could afford two (one for each hand), maybe somewhere under $150 each?

2.preferable with a one sided blade, but doesn't have to have this feature.

3.light enough that I can easily wield it with one hand

4.katanas work well for this, but can you include at least one idea that is something other than two katanas? (although I'd also like to know what katanas WOULD work well for this)

5.are not Drizzt's swords

6.are fully functional and not at all likely to fail on me

Thanks in advance!!! As always, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-SlayerofDarkness (Brogdon Combs)

ANSWER: Hey again Slayer, tough question! (and yes, I am kind of tired of the Shinwa questions, if they would spend more money on the product and less on advertising the heck out of them, I might have a closer look! Lol).

Anyway, for dual weilding I would have to suggest a Katana and Wakizashi combination, i.e. Miyamoto Musashi. It really is hard and somewhat dangerous to use two swords of equal length, one should be a primary and the other a secondary blade - and if you need to have them functional, but under US$150 for both, then the choice really is just limited to Japanese blades - maybe some Masahiro or Musashis...

But hold that thought, I just though of something a little different - try googling 'Russian Kindjal' - they are available at quite a few of our recommended and reliable vendors for about $60 each, so that would bring you under budget and deliver a very interesting set of swords!!

See what you think!


- Paul

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something to consider
by: Jack black

the type and size of sword(s) you intend to use depends a bit to do with your height and weight as well, and your general physical should probably get your parents permission as well..........if you hurt yourself or someone else they might be at risk financially and legally..........don't smirk, i'm serious.

Get a sword with a pommel!
by: Caleb

IMHO nothing renacts the duel-wielding experience in all its glory ~a la the Barbarian from Diablo II style~ better than a classic, one-handed, Period (European) sword.

For the Primary + Secondary mindset, I cannot think of anything better than katana+wak or katana+tachi. But if you want ambidextrous sword play a la the centaurs in Narnia (sorry, couldn't think of a better example at the moment), the best choice IMHO are two "one handed swords", that is, the stuff originally desgned to be used with a shield.

You can go to Arms of Valor for a decent selection and price. But I do think Paul offers the Valiant Armory swords that he does have at better prices.

Good luck!

Cool Ideas guys
by: Brogdon M. Combs

Hey everyone, thanks for helping me out! The one handed medieval type sounds cool, do you have a particular sword you would recomend? BTW I do have my parents permission, I'm a blackbelt in kenpo karate (check out my sensei's website at I've been colecting for 2 years, in fact, my first fully functional sword arrived only 2 days ago lol! (it was the Dark Sentinel, thanks to SBG for providing the info :-])
Thanks guys,
SlayerofDarkness (Brogdon Combs)

Response to Jack Black
by: Brogdon Combs

Well, as far as my physical condition, I'm 100 lbs (which is 30 lbs underweight for my age and size, I eat like a pig lol I'm just really light) 5'5", and strong for my age/ no 75 lbs chinese halberds for me, but two 2.5lbs swords wouldn't be horrible at all. Just one more thing, I wouldn't smirk at that comment. I take my weapons very seriously and NEVER train around people. I doubt that I would hurt myself severly, but if some crazy accident happened, I make sure that I would be the only one injured. Just wanted to ease your mind ;-).

not what i meant.
by: Jack Black

first, if you stand up straight with your sword at your side pointed down, relaxed, holding it just behind the tsuba; it should not touch the ground......some like a few inches, some like an inch from the ground.......normally, a six foot man with a 32" sleeve would find that a 27" blade should be almost perfect........for a number of reasons, mostly un-necessary, some people think they need extra inches beyond that, i don't.....and so does anyone who has ever hit themselves in the foot or tapped the point with the ground because their weapon was too long. Clearly you should go with the lightest weapons you can find. There is a great deal of difference in control from 2 to 3 pounds and every increment in between...........maybe make or buy a bunch of cheap bokken and cut them for length and weight and experiment......keep them short and light, don't waste your time with anything too long or too heavy.

second) what i meant was don't be using your real name and your true age in the same post because there are all sorts of a-holes out there who would like nothing better than to roll over on you to the sellers or the're smart and a good understand what i mean.......permission regardless.

Oh, Right
by: SlayerofDarkness

Oh, yeah, DUH! (smacks self on forehead) I'm an idiot lol. thanks for pointing that out...(just call me Tom and I'm 68 years old lol) Thanks again

Quick Question,
by: SlayerofDarkness

Um, btw, what does IMHO stand for? I've been seeing it all over the place but have no clue...maybe Interterrestrial Martian Hovering Opportunity? No...Intense Mega Ham Observer? Not likely... AH! Issues Must Have Otters! (WHAT THE HECK?!?!?) And I thought that one up? Wow...Maybe it's Interesting Mountain/Hill Oinker(that's a strange pig that comes from what could be called a mountain OR a hill)...too bland...hmm...Irish Man's Hopping Owl...yep that's it!!! Irish Man's Hopping Owl. It makes sense (though why you would parade around saying it like there's no tomorrow is a mystery to me, lol) Soooo, What do YOU think (or know) it means?

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