Not sure how to care for a sword

by susan
(South lyon, mi)

My dad left my brother a sword. He is not sure what kind it is or how to find out how to care for it. Is there someplace in Michigan that could help us out.

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Worth a try..
by: Paul

I don't have a lot of information to go on as there really are many different sword types and many different construction methods, so without knowing if it is a Samurai sword, saber, replica, original, etc it really is hard to answer your question and recommend someone who could assist with more info.

That said, you could try sabersmith in Michigan, they are sword makers and will know something more.

Otherwise, does the sword have any rust anywhere on the blade? If it does, you will need to keep it oiled - or for long term maintenance could use a product called "Renaissance Wax". More information about basic sword care can be found on our site here - you can also check this page to determine what sword type it is.

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