Nothing else in this price range comes CLOSE...!

by Aaron Carruthers
(Ontario, CANADA)

Just recieved the Kaze in the mail the other day. Just thought I would would email you to say thanks and give you my impressions. Once again, a fantastic sword. What stunned me most about it was the hamon which was more pronounced than I was expecting. As depicted/advertised it is more prodominent than the Kanbai (properties of the steel as explained on the Cheness site). However, it makes me curious to see if you could similar results out of the Kanbai through a hybrd polish or etching. I will probably pose the question on your forum. I have been highly impressed with the Cheness line thus far. I can honesty say that I have not seen a rivial product at that price range that compares.

I am still waiting on warmer weather to put them through backyard cutting, but from the appearnce alone I would be safe to infer that they could rival or out perfrom some of my higher end katana (Furuyama, Hanwei). I have a Hanwei Orchid that although looks very stunning I have yet to cut anything besides paper for fear of damaging its somewhat thinner construction. After seeing the robust Cheness blades I have no reservations to taking a few target swings with those swords this summer.

I just wanted to say thanks once again and to keep up the excellent work you are doing on your website.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Aaron!
by: Paul Southren

The hamon is pretty prominent as is (I tend to understate it and leave it as a pleasant surprise!), but man - you should see what can be done with some hybrid polishing - makes the sword look like a $1,000+ blade for a few hours of effort.

Have fun and stay safe.

- Paul

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