O Katana or the Kaze?

by Derek

QUESTION: I'm thinking of buying my first Cheness but am torn between the O katana and the Kaze. I'm not that tall (6'1) but feel like my Musashi's are too small. Love the website and your honesty and integrity are refreshing. All the best to you and your family.

ANSWER: Hi Derek,

At 6'1", you'd have no trouble with the O-Katana. The Kaze is about the same length as the Musashi's, and if they feel too small - they probably are (the standard length of a Katana is about 28", which is ideally suited to someone of medieval Japanese stature - around 5'5" to 5'8". While taller people can certainly use them, they were made with a smaller person in mind).

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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How it feels is more important than how it looks
by: Caleb

If a Musashi feels too small, your dedicated purchase which is ideally something you'd LOVE would also feel "too small" if it was the Chenness Kaze. The Kaze has been praised as a very beautiful sword with a "traditional" look because it has a ~real hamon~. IMHO, either Kaze or O-kat, you're so far from a truly traditional look anyway...these are $300 swords after all. So in that sense, I don't think the Kaze has anything significant over the O-kat, while the same cannot be said of the O-kat in your case.

By the way, It's kinda about the strength of your wrist or even your fingers, more so than your stature. The O-kat will feel heavy initially for sure...at least when compared to standard Iaitos, which is lighter than Kaze's, even.

Thank you
by: Derek

Thank you Paul and Caleb for your responses. I think based on your recommendations I will go with the O Katana. I am relatively new to sword collecting and have been purchasing mostly Musashi's because I feel they have good workmanship and good light cutters. I have a Musashi elite dragon Katana and I have been very impressed with it. Cut's like a dream and I swear the hamon is real (what do I know). Perhaps some day I will review it as I think for $200.00 this is a great buy.

Thanks again for your advice.



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