Old MRL Viking sword 1986

by Edgar Pacas
(Crestline, CA)

I have a question about an old MRL Viking sword that I bought on Ebay. On a wikipedia page concerning MRL they claim that the first company that MRL went with was Del Tin who produced their blades and MRL manufactured handles. But I sent photos to Del Tin and heard back from Fulvio Del Tin that they only started providing bare blades to MRL in the 90's and that the sword is not one of theirs. So any information on the sword if anyone knows anything about MRL history would be greatly appreciated. It does look like the old style that Windlass use to produce for MRL but it is dated to 1986 and I don't know if MRL and Windlass were in business together then.
Thanks in advance,

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Only one way to know..
by: Paul

In the 1980s you are right, most if not all of the swords being sold by MRL back then were Del Tin. But this sword does not look like one of theirs, and as Fulvio says it is not one of his, well - that is good enough for me..

It is not clear exactly when MRL teamed up with Windlass - but it is possible that it is one of theirs. Best way to know, contact Windlass directly here

If they confirm it is one of theirs, please do report your findings - always interesting to hear anything from the early days of the production sword market.

Thank you Paul
by: Edgar Pacas

Hi Paul thank you for your input...I just received the sword today and I was looking for other markers but yeah it only has the two kukris on the hilt besides the Museum Replicas Limited stamp on the guard on the other side. I will get in touch with Windlass and will come back here to post. Once again thank you for your help.

Sounds like a Windlass!
by: Paul

The two Kukris insignia is the Windlass logo - so I am fairly confident with this info that it IS an early Windlass Medieval. But yes, keep us posted!

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