by gregor seaton

QUESTION: Hi i am looking for the oniyuri bujinkan katana anywhere in germany and cant seem to find a supplier any where i would rather go to a shop and see before i buy and as i cant order online as am in the army and they tend to have a limit on what they will let through the post so if anyone can help i would be most greatful


ANSWER: Hi Gregor,

Actually, I have some good news.

As you know the SBG Sword Store ships the Cheness swords via USPS, which has a maximum length restriction in place for most countries. However, Germany is one of the few countries which are EXCEMPT from this restriction, so it is possible to order!

Hope this helps!

- Paul


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Katana in Germany
by: Adam Pendragwn

I live in Germany as well—for 17 years—and I don’t think you can buy a katana here. Strictly speaking, to buy legally any sword in Germany the edge must be at least three MM thick, which means a practice sword (or blunt). However, if you buy one online, they’re not going to know how thick the edge is, so as long as you keep it inside you’ll be okay. However, and I’m very serious about this, if you take a sword with an edge of less than 3 mm outside, even if it’s technically not sharpened—like for Halloween or to a renascence fair, etc.—the cops will take it from you and you may be arrested. At least, you will have to pay a very heavy fine, and you will not get your sword back. Thanks to kids who like using really cheap Japanese swords to cut things up—like their legs—Japanese swords, no matter how expensive, are against the law, period (in Britain too); which is why you can’t find one on a German site. This might have changed recently though—I’m not into Japanese swords.

In Germany, any sword with a sharp edge or an edge which can be sharpened—a real sword—is considered a Military Edged Weapon, and therefore illegal to own—without a special permit—the last of which I own. In other words, I own the last permit issued by the German government to own a Military Edged Weapon—no others will be issued to anyone again.

Simply put, you need to be very careful about owning swords in Germany. If you can buy it from a repatriable licensed online shop you’re okay, especially if you’re American, just don’t have it out in public, even in a costume. It is illegal for you to have a real sword made—due to the permit thing—so don’t even try. I can just because I have a permit; but like I said, it’s the last one.

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