Oniyuri Katana & Customize a Hanwei PC-1071

by Andor Pece
(Mol, Serbia, Europe)

QUESTION: Greetings Paul,
Let me congratulate you for your great website,I saw many very useful advices and demos on it. I've contacted you in July past year regarding the purchase of Oniyuri Katanas. Well,after that,only 2 men on the web considered me as worthy to do business with me: Mr.Waterhouse from England (rgwhandforgedkatanas) and Mr.Paul Chen himself from Chenesscutlery. Both of them sent to me the Katanas, so now I have both version of Oniyuri (+/- Bo Hi),and I am proud to own such quality swords.

Thanks to your advices and demos,you convinced me that I don't need to search further, when I want to purchase a high quality Katana (or Shinobigatana) at affordable price, it's enough to contact Chenessinc. Not only because of quality of the item, but also because of honesty.

You know,I am physician and work with people, so I very appreciate that.:)

Paul, let me ask you something. Is there a possibility to customize a Hanwei Ninjato?
I found the tsuka a little bit short (25cm) and the Tsuba also could be bigger and massiver. If I purchase one new Ninjato, could you recommend somebody (especially in Europe) who are doing such corrections? Or I need to accept this type of swords as it is?

Okay, I will retire now and I will wait for your answer. Excuse me because of possible errors,my English isn't perfect.

Best regards:
Andor Pece

ANSWER:Hi Andor,

Yes, I do remember you asking me about the Oniyuri and I am so glad to hear that a solution was found and you managed to get hold of one. Great to hear. :-)

Now, as to customization of the Hanwei Ninjato (which is I think you'll agree another very nice sword, though quite different of course) - there are options, though I do not know of any guys in Europe. However...

...I recommend contacting the gentleman mentioned in the review of the Hanwei PK Katana (Aaron Justice, Paul Loatman and/or Tommy Gilliam, links towards the end of the review) as while these guys specialize in this service within the US, they will probably know someone closer to you to help out.

It sounds like a fun project, let me know how it all goes. :-)

Kind Regards,


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