by Frances

I am based in Sydney and looking to buy 1-2 of the bujinkan oniyuri - blunted blade at this stage and live a little further down the track. However, cannot find anywhere that ships to Australia. any suggestions? great review and site BTW...

ANSWER:Hi Frances,

Actually - I may be able to help. If you drop me a line via my Direct Contact page I might be able to give you a quote.

I occasionally get some Cheness swords in upon request and the next shipment should be in early November. So yes, please drop me a line and we can take it from there.


- Paul

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Bujinkan Oniyuri
by: Anonymous


I'm looking to purchase the Bujinkan Oniyuri, this will be my first time purchasign a live blade and I'm not sure whether to buy it with the Bo-Hi or without please can you advise. Also I live in the UK I don't know what the laws are on shipping, can you ship to the UK or will Customs intervene.


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