Opinion on 3 Swords and "DYNASTY FORGE"

by Mike

QUESTION: Hey Paul, its great to talk to you. I just want to say this site is fantastic and its a great asset to katana shoppers everywhere, as shopping for a good quality sword can be so deceptive.

So to get to the point, I was wondering what you thought about this company, "Dynasty Forge" with their swords here:



Not that I could ever afford to shell out for these, but are the prices justified? I understand that price is a genral rule of thumb for finding a good sword, but like you said, sometimes the price can be exaggerated.

And if its convenient, see if you can check out these 3 swords I came across. They seem legit, but of course as a naive shopper, the pictures and description could just be deceptive.




Thank you and I really appreciate your time!


ANSWER: Hi Mike,

Dynsasty Forge make some very nice swords, the attention to detail is not missed on them - even their lower end offerings.

Definietly recommended, though prices vary quite widely - so it is a good idea to shop around (while sticking to tried and tested vendors within the Sword Buyers Directory whenever possible, as there are some 'funny' sellers out there).

With regards to the three swords you are looking at, I would have to suggest the one from Swords of Might offers the best value and is offered by a reliable and respected seller.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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