Opinions on Hand Made Sword.com

by Scotto
(Moyock, NC)

Have you ever bought anything from www.handmadesword.com or know of the quality of their swords?

They have some nice looking swords and was wondering if they are indeed as nice as they look on their web page? Their price range is very wide with the majority being between $150 - $400.


ANSWER: Hi Scotto,

Well, they certainly have an attractive looking website. (^-^)

These guys are primarily volume ebay sellers, you can see their products and feedback here - feedback is mixed, but it does seem they do have some happy enough customers there...?

From what I have heard, the quality of their swords is best described as average - with the kind of quality control issues you can expect from lesser priced Katana.

Anything more than this is pretty much hearsay, as I haven't had any strong inclination to buy any of their swords myself to try out, so I'll just finish with "you could do better and you could do worse" and leave it at that...

Hope this helps anyway.

- Paul

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my humble thoughts
by: sloper

in the world not that long ago... a man did not expect to live past 25. in feudal Japan you needed a sword to do REMARKABLE things, simply to survive until tommorrow.
In this life i have owned a few swords and have been happy with none, aside from a wooden bokken.Even the swords that i recrafted from swords i obtained had issues. although with a bit of inspiration and skillfull use of tools (saws and files mostly)a leaf spring from an auto can make a weapon that would have been very expensive in europe. (300-400 years ago).
what i like about the site on HMS.com is they are very truthfull as to the product they offer.
you must be able to read and to comprehend what has been written. it helps to have a working knowledge of what you are dealing with....NOTE THIS BLOG IS ON THE WEBSITE OF A COMPETITOR..is what you will be reading EXACTKY what i submitted??? what are you expecting to find on a competitors blog...now really. let the buyer beware!! NOTE they have spent time listening to disenfranchised american fencing masters..it shows in the product they offer...
#1 longer handles for our larger hands
#2 twin pegged handles. ever see a 200 year old blade flying across a parade ground while a novice stands dumb-eyed handle in hand???
#3 full length tangs (we do not cut as easy)
as a student/instructer and an operator of my own "school" I am open to look at any wholesalers product and consider terms with any and all swordmakers and dealers.

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