Other Authentic Sites and a cheer to your site.

by Victor Käkelä
(Västerås, Sweden)

QUESTION: All I wonder is if you know of any good site that sells authentic old stuff? And if I may say so I think your site is awesome and I would like you to post up more information about what is fake and what is real! Real good and I can say that I would visit you everyday if you posted more about stuff´other than swords! Great work, Lots of gratitude for this site,/ Victor Käkelä

ANSWER:Hi Victor,

I didn't know there were things other than swords? ;-)

Thanks for your kind words. I'm kind of in a rush right now and can't find the links I am looking for on places to buy authentic antique swords, but here's how I would recommend finding them:

Do a google search on 'antique swords' (specifically the type of sword you are looking for, i.e. Japanese swords, sabers, etc). If you find a site that looks promising, do another google search on that site to see if you can find posts on forums, etc that detail other peoples experiences with them before you buy (as the real thing can be VERY expensive).

I'll try to come back to this page with some links later, though in the meantime, what specific sub group of swords are you interested in? SBG covers a fairly broad spectrum! :-)


- Paul

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