Other cheap swords

by Greg Berry
(San Diego)

I would like to hear some opinions on the cheap, yet surprisingly good, swords found at trueswords in the link provided. I'm looking into starting a sword collection and I feel that this is where to start. Which do you think is the best of the under $100 swords on that page? I was thinking either the "Dragon Fury" or the "Sea Dragon" (if only because it comes with a stand and box.)

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LIGHT only
by: BAMiron

they both look very nice, however, you should remember that probably (i would bet because i cannot speak for all obviously)) everyone here would consider these "LIGHT" duty only.......and then only if they are "labeled" or stamped musashi's, and THEN keep an eye on them before and after, because even though i love the musashi brand THEY did not intend these for any real medium or heavy cutting. That is not to say that you could not get away with more heavy duty cutting for a variable and unknown length of time, BUT you are at risk if you do........in this old man's opinion you would be better served to save just a few more bucks and go to CHENESSINC.com & look at their less expensive lines...........do me a personal favor and at least take a look there........with the discount from here and sales that pop up from time to time you can really find a steal when you consider the vast leap in quality you would be getting......and the improvement in safety to you and all the other people that should be standing far away and behind barricades until you become one with your weapons...................or, stick to light duty only, light duty only with the swords you are considering.........did i repeat myself?.............well maybe, but i haven't tossed or snapped a blade in a long time either......good luck.

by: Greg

Thanks for the input. I checked out Cheness and they didn't seem to have anything cheap. But I don't plan on any medium or heavy cutting anyways.

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