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by Ric

QUESTION: Dear paul, i have been a regular to your site for over a year, yet it continues to surprise me.

The new $300 custom t-10 swords look incredible i really want one i think i want two. my problem, i live in the uk, it sucks here and it is terrible for buying katana.

how much would you charge for shipping 1 single, or 2 or maybe even 3 swords in one package to the uk?

i hold a fully insured martial arts licence.

thanks for your time
eagarly awaitng your answer

best regards


As I understand it there was an amendement made to the UK sword laws in August 2008 which now makes it possible to import swords for legitimate purposes, and as you hold a fully insured martial arts license, I am pretty sure it will qualify.

My only fear is, as the change in laws has been very recent, that you may have to fight a little bit to prove to customs that you can own the sword, and that I do not have a large enough margin with these swords to be able to help if something goes wrong with international shipping.

So with all this in mind, I am willing to ship one to you if you are willing to take a risk that it may not go smoothly... The cost of shipping is $90 and should take around 6-7 business days.

Should you be interesrted in taking it further, please just contact me via the store contact form here and we can take it from there.

Best regards,

- Paul

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