parts availability for cheaper naginatas

by Bernard Miron
(Danbury, CT 06810)



QUESTION: Does anyone know where we might pick up scabbards for a tom anderson master cutlery TA-76 (modern naginata) & a master cutlery JL-069 (naginata with dragon)?. ....we also need the "handle" section for the JL-069? are available from the master cutlery catalog.

Customer service for master cutlery in new jersey says they don't sell parts......I find it hard to believe....but they were the only reps for their products we could find.....the young girl we spoke to at m.c. seemed a bit officious, un-knowledgable about her products ("we don't sell naginatas") & possibly lazy....i think she was put out when we gave her the model we asked to have the manager call us back & he never feeling (and its just a feeling) is she may not have even told the manager because we are not dealers.

ANSWER: Wow, you have got to be kidding. They don't sell parts? Why ever not!

And talk about lousy customer service, that girl should be fired!

I wish I could be of more help on this one. I can only recommend contacting various dealers, maybe they will have more luck with the company.

Otherwise, if anyone else knows, add your comment. :-)


- Paul

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only other option
by: B. Miron

we are actually very good with wood & metal, so we decided to make our own damn parts.....ours seem better than the originals anyway....we also have access to one of the best auto body shops in the area (multiple enamel coating)...Danbury Auto Body......& a bunch of really good cabinet makers & woodworkers (our customers)for, the moral of the story is......don't buy your gear on ebay unless you like to make repairs.....thank you for allowing us to vent.

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