PC Hanwei place to buy

by Andy
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

This isn't really a question as it is a small update.

The sword mentioned on this page I bought it a while ago for a cheaper price. Not sure if you know of this site, but it does give quite a few 'great deals'. Here is the link to the particular sword:

and the site itself is as you can see above is http://www.888knivesrus.com/

Just a small tip, and if this info is totally useless to you, I apologize for wasting your time.

ANSWER: Hi Andy,

No its not a waste of time at all, and a valid observation.

As you know SBG tries to find the best deal for sword enthusiasts. But a deal can be a lot more than simply price, especially if there are other factors involved...

With regards to Hanwei, the sheer quantity of swords out there means that the chances of getting a lemon are a bit higher than normal. The place I recommend them at are maybe $10 or so more expensive, but they make up for this by their 90 day money back guarantee and pre-inspection policies, plus they price match. Hence, the recommendation. ;-)

The danger of ONLY buying at a place that has a low price is that quite a few of these guys are just 'low ballers' - in other words, they drop the price - and if you get the sword in good condition, great. But if there is a problem of any kind, they don't want to know you...

Btw - I'm not saying that the site you bought from is like that, but there are some real sharks out there who are... :-(


- Paul

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your reply.
I guess I can see your point :D.
The site above is a good one and they are professional in their ways, but while looking around the web, I did find a few of those Shark Sites. Guess I need to think outside the box before posting a question.

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