Polishing Out Scratches on Sword Blades

by Harry Fletcher
(Flower Mound, Texas)

I found auto body sanding paper in 1500, then 1800, and finally 2000 grit will do an excellent job of sanding out scratches on my sword blades from katanas to medeival blades.

You should be able to find in auto parts stores. I found mine in O'Reillys.

I start with 400 grit emery paper if the scratches are deep and do a rough polishing. Next, I step up to 1500 grit, then 1800, and finally, 2000 grit. Expect to spend at a couple of hours of "elbow grease" if you want a really good polishing job. Finding the right grit sanding paper is the hardest part of the job though!

I tried 400 grit emery paper and Brasso but now think that a good grade of metal polish will work better. The fine grit sand paper will really do wonders and a follow up with metal polish will provide a very nice gleam to the blade.

Good Luck!

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