Polishing With Brasso

I have this katana which I use to learn sharpening and with all the scratches it is well it only cost $54.00.

After each sharpening session I have a lot of scratches so I use Brasso with Emery paper if I can find it or fine grain sandpaper about 600 grit. Although this appear to be applying a mass of scratches which is what it really does Brasso will polich these out to an almost mirror shine if you have a plentiful supply of elbow grease! I like 400 grain Emery cloth and Brasso emery paper is hard to find these days. used with Brasso emery cloth is used in a circular fashion while the fine grit sandpaper is used in line with the blade length.

Being in the Army at the time of the infamous brass belt buckle which I was supposed to crawl through the mud wearing but keep it with a sparkling shine. ( I cheated and had several0 spares) But Brasso was up to the job if I had the time between dusting my wall locker and cleaning my rifle. ( Somehow the Army and I never saw eye to eye on dusting but that is another story.)


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