Windlass Pompeii Gladius Review

The Pompeii Gladius by Windlass Steelcrafts is easily the most historically accurate Roman Sword in their line up. While it is still far from a perfect replica, as far as handling and durability goes – as you will soon see– there isn'’t much else out there that even comes close...

Windlass Pompeii Gladius Review

Review by Robert Betts, Valley, USA



Point of Balance

Price Range

1065 carbon steel

1lb 12oz

4" from guard


This is a very light, fast sword with good balance and a great feel in the hand. Mine is very solidly made, and took repeated swings against my shield target without any loosening at all.

The Blade: 20" long, a uniform 2" wide out to 16", then tapering to a point. Cutting edge starts 1 1/2" from the guard. P.O.B. approximately 4", C.O.P. approx. 11 1/2".

The Grip: 3 1/2" long, 3" circumference circular turned maple with finger ridges (some vary now I think), well stained and finished.

The Pommel: 7 3/4" circumference maple knob, again very well stained and finished. Pommel nut is 1/2" long rounded brass.

The Guard: 1 1/4" long, 6 3/4" circumference oval shaped maple faced with a 5/16" mild steel oval plate.

The Scabbard: black leather over a wooden core, covered with a brass throat and accents. Mine came with a brown leather baldric.

It’'s not as "fancy" as the Mainz pattern offered by Windlass, which actually appeals to me.

I tested this against my greatly abused (and subsequently reinforced) shield target. As an unsharpened cutter, it did quite well, as you can tell from the photos above and below. In stabbing tests against the same target it consistently achieved 1/2" deep impacts. This is probably less that it could have done to be honest, as the shield was unanchored (intentionally, to try to simulate the give a person's arm would have).

All in all this is a very good Gladius for the money.


  • Extremely durable yet also lightweight


  • Not extremely historically accurate (especially the scabbard)


The best price online for the Windlass Pompeii Gladius is to be found HERE at Kult of Athena where they march out the door for a very reasonable $194.95 (plus they also offer a 'munitions grade' category for this sword, sorting any swords with defects into a cheaper pile for $155).

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