practical plus xl or practical plus elite?

by Robert


I am looking for a good cutting sword that is able to cut more than tatami mats. It should be durable enough to cut also bamboo. After a lot of research i decided to buy the practical plus xl Katana without bohi. But i am not sure if the sword will not be too heavy for me to handle it properly. My height is 178cm and i weight about 80kg. I would like to know if the practical plus elite would maybe fit better for me. It is a bit lighter but i am not sure if it is durable enough for substantial targets like bamboo. Which one would you prefer? Hope you can help. Thanks a lot!


ANSWER: Hi Robert,

The XL is quite a specialized blade, designed primarily for cutting tatami - which it does exceptionally well (indeed, if you have seen my review of the XL series swords here you'll have an idea of how impressed I was).

It should be able to handle bamboo, but in all honesty the Elite would be a better choice for both bamboo and tatami as it is less specialized and more versatile.

So all said, I would think that the elite would be the best choice for your stated purpose.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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