Qi Jian

QUESTION: I am seriously looking at buying this sword, I tried searching the forum but didn't find anything related to the Qi Jian and the search function wasn't really working for this sword.

I want to know if anyone has bought this sword and seriously used it for cutting or if it is just a display piece or what some of the general comments about this sword are.

Thank you,


ANSWER: Hi Jason,

It is a very attractive looking sword and definitely sturdy. However, it isn't particualrly sharp - so if keeness of edge is something you are looking for, you may need to sharpen it yourself or look elsewhere...

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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by: Qi Jian

Hello Paul,

thank you for the quick feedback, if I choose to sharpen the sword do you think that it will be able to cut through a lot of things or do you think that will merely weaken the blade?

Also I was thinking since it is one piece of metal, how to you prevent rust on the guard and the hilt?

Thanks for your feedback!


another option
by: SlayerofDarkness

I'm not sure what sword you are talking about, but if it similar in design to the Cold Steel Gim reviewed under the tap 'chinese swords' GET THE GIM INSTEAD! It is one of Paul's top 3 favorite swords and #1 on my 'To Get List'. The Gim swords performance is truly phenomenal...check it out, you will absulutely love the results.

May your Blades stay forever sharp,
SlayerofDarkness (Brogdon Combs, 14)

by: Anonymous

testing if my entrys appear or not sry.........

Hope that this helps.
by: Anonymous

The Qi jian is made in the traditional way, the bottom third is thicker/blunted for blocking and parrying, the middle third is "sharp" for slashing cuts, the upper third is "sharper"-particularly the, approximately, last six inches for precision cuts and stabs. Hope this helps. I have two of these jian and they are perfect for Wu
Dang Qigong style moves.

body oil
by: Heretic

I expect the blade will be handled differently with sharpening techniques...the grip will be regurlarly oiled in my hand(s) with practice.
The Qi Jian is not an axe but imho will withstand and subject consideralbe impact on an axe handler.

Qi Jian
by: Anonymous

please don't buy a Qi Jian for chopping/slashing. Understand the sword and the martial arts related to it. it has it purpose for not being sharp through out...

anyway a jian is not mean for chopping and slashing lmaof

My favorite jian (straight sword)
by: Anonymous

I own a Qi jian. Amazing sword. Heirloom quality jian. Best jian purchase I had made in 20 years. Everyone that has tried my Qi jian has loved it. The quality of jian's craftsmanship was vey impressive to me.

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