quality and sharpness of kris cutlery 29 26 katanas

by anthony

QUESTION: I was wondering if anyone knows of the quality of the Kris cutlery 26II and 29II katanas? sharpness? And is softness a problem?


About the Cheness 9260 differentially hardened shirasaya. You sell the products so I figure you would be the person who could give me a good answer. I was thinking that this would be the best sword to get as far as being very resiliant and keeping a keen edge. I was figuring that the 9260 mono blades must be trading off edge hardness for flex. Is my thinking correct about this?

Thank you for your time,

ANSWER:Hi Anthony,

Well, I have a fair bit of info and submissions from SBG visitors about Kris Cutlery Katana on the sister site here, with the general consensus being they are a bit soft and not great compared to what is available out there these days...

As to the Shirasaya - its not quite accurate. The 9260 blades when differentially hardened become much like any other DH Katana. The Flexibility is slightly more than a normal Katana, but the edge of the blade is definitely not soft - in the mid to high 50s HRC...

But like all DH Katana, severe lateral impacts will cause them to take a set.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

- Paul

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9260 follow up questions..
by: Anonymous

do you find that the mono 9260 blades are very sharp all the way down to the brass? also do you find that they loose edge keenness easily?

I think what i am basically asking is..
if you had to actually use one of these in a conflict which would you think would be the choice the mono or the differential blade? which would you consider a real weapon?

sword funiture materials
by: anthony

Hello Paul,
I really enjoy the reviews. they are a fantastic idea. They answer questions that i have really struggled to find out on my own. I have even writen to companies and the majority o of the time i get no response, a really half hearted partial one that doesn't really answer the question. the main things tha i want to know are edge sharpness and termpering /durability and what type of metal the funiture (hilt) is made from. I avoid stainless steel totally unless it is a modern knife aplication. I personaly enjoy antiquing the weapon to look old. So knowing what they are made of is important. If i may make a suggestion this would be a great thing in reviews.
for example i have not purchased some cold steel products because i couldn't get an answer if the gaurd stainless, plated or iron or cast.
I can let you know how to test if you would like.
thank you, i am really enjoying the site,

Kris Cutlery Katana 29 II
by: Edward Stites

Great Page on a Great Site!!

RE: the Kris Cutlery 29 II, I must say that the one I own is a Great sword!

Well made, very sharp, and the feel and heft are superb.

Now, I am the last person on Earth to consider myself a "Sword Expert", but after a few years of research, much reading, and a moderately sized collection of blades, I really can not find fault with Kris Cutlery's products.

They are well priced, of pleasing design, and they are not represented by the Company as anything more than what they actually are.

I would not hesitate to purchase them again!

Just my opinion.......

its about the niku
by: miku

the 26-29katans are hardly "soft". the edge is a 60 and the spine is 40.

they are also the only blades you can find with real niku and a swept tang all for 260for a 26 and 300 for a 29 . too have both of those feature you looking at 1,000 dollar blades.

the only downfalls to kris 26-29's its the scabbard is not lacquered,
the handles does not have the stingray skin (but is far more durible do to the underling guass wrap. also the fitings although very fit and zero play are also very plain.

kris makes up for these by the shear quality of the blade.

BTW i also own a Hanwei practical pro and its not as good for heavy cutting as my kris

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