Question about sword covers.

I just purchased a sword, and with it came a care guide, in the guide it states I need to keep the cloth cover on at all times. Even if I'm just using the sword as display. My question is, is this true? It seems strange to me that I can't have my new sword on display outside the cover.

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Need a little more info..
by: Paul

I am not sure what the guide is referring to by a cloth cover, but if your sword is carbon steel it will rust if left exposed to the air so I am guessing they mean to leave it in the sheathe/scabbard/saya and keep it oiled..

There is info on sword care on our site - but here is a quick tip, if you wish to display the sword use a product called "Renaisssance Wax" - just oiling the sword if on display may see dust soak up the oil and cause rust spots, and of course the oil will eventually dry out or pool if displaying tip downwards. Renaissance Wax evently coats the blade and is used by the British Museum to keep old swords on display without allowing them to rust.

Hope this helps.

Sword cover
by: Adam Pendragwn

For what it’s worth, I have currently about a dozen swords, all carbon steel, either hanging on display or leaning against walls, and not one is covered with anything—including oil. I have never kept oil on my sword blades (I’m sure I’ve had at least a hundred over the years) and other than little spots here and there I’ve never had rust problems—even living in areas of high humidity. I’m not sure why this is, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I handle the blades a lot with my bare hands. I know people freak-out about touching the blades, but I believe the oil from my hands keeps them from rusting! I know this goes against everything everyone believes, but I just can’t help but think—maybe everyone is wrong. Maybe everyone is oiling and caring for their swords far more than is necessary! Hang’em up, use’em, keep them reasonably clean, and stop worrying so much. After all, they are made of steel! And if you get a little rust on one, so what! Sand it off! It’s a sword, not a Cadillac! Like I said—for what it’s worth.

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