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by Erik
(Idaho Falls)

QUESTION: Thank you for your time in taking this email and putting on such an awesome website. I have learned much from the time I spent on this there.

I have twin 4 month old girls at home so money for my wife and is very tight. I have found a few swords from a place called All of the swords there look decent enough but I would like a professionals opinion. Below are some Damascus steel swords that were in my price range. Would you please review them and tell me what you think. Thank you again and please keep up the good work.


For these two blades, well - I would recommend saving your money. has a mixed reputation, but a Damascus steel sword at this price range is very likely to have some major problems due to the speed at which it is churned out to be able to meet the target price...

Personally, I would recommend you stick with something like Musashi Swords, still not amazing quality - but certainly better overall and the recommended sellers will not let you down if there is a problem.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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I'm in a similar situation
by: Joe

I'm in a similar situation. I've been practicing iaido for almost 4 months and I'm looking for a sword for kata. My teacher sells Japanese stuff which is expensive. The cheapest iaito made of aluminum is almost $500. I have owned the zinc alloy stuff when I studied Kung Fu and found it to be crap so I switched to steel. Of course the fittings were not as nice but they were real swords that would not get damaged. My friend who is obsessed with The samurai culture owns a shinken from let me show it to our sensei and said it was a decent sword. Of course the fittings were changed so I don't know if they were as good or worst. He claimed they were changed for esthetic reasons only. Now my question is should I go with a cheness deluxe iaito, a musashi, a ryansword or a They are all under $200

for the negative nay sayers...learn something
by: Anonymous

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Handmade Sword
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Recently purchased, very pleased
by: Jason

This seems to be the page google brings up first when researching this company. Having done alot of research before my purchase, I must say, the internet's verdict of this sword retailer is unfounded. I just bought a mid-range sword from them for 200, a beautiful katana of 1095 steel. I've been in contact with the support, and from what I know of the owner (Jerry, who was the one emailing me) he provided me with further information about the sword's manufacturing and how to care for it. I've been a martial artist for 3 years now, and while that might still be considered novice level, I was very pleased with this sword's quality. I recommend this company highly.

Is a trust worthy site and if not which one is
by: Anonymous

I am planning to buy a shirasaya clay tempered sword from I just wanted to know are there products good and is the site trustworthy

my experience with
by: Anonymous

I own the #397 clay tempered Katana in shirasaya from as one of 5 Japanese blades in my collection. It is decent enough quality (for the price), my tsuka started to split after prolonged use (i have since changed the hardware). The steel has proven to very good quality, the factory doesn't ship it as sharp as some others but I honed it to a legitimate razor's edge. Jerry answered any questions I have asked and I have done business with them on 2 occasions since, once for the matching tanto and again for a beater-wakizashi

by: Anonymous

The sword I received from this company was AMAZING. It was assembled well, the blade was razor sharp, all the fittings and wrappings were tight, and the saya fit perfectly without any blade rattle. Holy crap.. Best value for a katana, and I have bought many for display and practical use. Highest recommendations.

Better choices
by: Anonymous

I want to say handmade swords quality is good I own one but try or if your looking for expensive real sword try these are the real better choices thanks

a little help with selection!!
by: Vince

can't choose between the common known and reputable Paul Chen Hanwei Tori xl light or Handmade swords' daisho deal right here PLEASE HELP ME thank u...

a little help with selection!!
by: Vince

can't choose between the common known and reputable Paul Chen Hanwei Tori xl light or Handmade swords' daisho deal right here PLEASE HELP ME thank u...

good stuff
by: guy with a katana

i purchased a damascus katana from and it was a high quality piece. i cut lots of things with it, it held an edge, always felt solid, and was dollar for dollar better than my 1095 valiant armory blade. also, i dont know if it's because of their forging process specifically, or if it's common to other folded blades, but it was quite a bit lighter than it's non folded counter parts. teaching others to cut, it took some abuse, and never cracked, or broke and always performed well. i'd recommend one, if you can still get one, many of the damascus blades on handmadesword are no longer available. :( bummer

Two swords I purchased, nice enough
by: Jim

I purchased #390 that is 1060 carbon steel and the #654 which is 1045 carbon steel.

The #390 is well balanced with a good feel and has stood up well to light cutting without loosing the edge. I asked what the hardness is and on this one the cutting edge is 50-55 HRC and the back is 40-45 HRC.

On #654, I wouldn't use this for cutting. But it handles well and has good balance, best for forms and no-contact practice swings. It cutting edge is 45-50 HRC and the back is 40-45 HRC. Looks pretty on a stand at least.

I haven't tried anything too destructive with these swords, to be honest I don't think they would take it that well.

The customer service is good and I've always had prompt replies to my emails and fast delivery.

So there you go, that was my experience with them. decide for yourself. I will probably buy another one from them at some time. But I would do anything too expensive.

you get what you pay for here
by: Anonymous

In my less than extensive experience I can honestly say you get what you pay for. Making a "real" katana takes a lot of time, sweat and skill. Trust me I am a novice blacksmith and a welder and you don't just churn out quality swords. Steel itself is not that expensive compared to say-silver or gold but it is pricey to get good tool steel and the process is quite extensive to make a sword. If the sword is truly water quenched and differentially tempered about thirty percent to fifty percent are lost due to cracking during the quenching process. I have purchased swords from Paul Chen and they may be expensive but you are getting what you pay for. I have used Chen swords to cut everything from mats to bamboo and broom handles. No damage.

Not a big fan
by: Zakatashi

I have a katana and a wakazashi from them. Both around 130-200$ price range. The balance on both are just absolutely horrible. All the weight is at the end of the sword so it's like a baseball bat. Also, I hate the ito wrap. They feel feel like a wool sweater. What gets me is all the designs they have. Very traditional and a large variety of fittings like tsubas. Mine are both sharpened perfectly but the weight and the getting used to it. I have a friend who loves their swords, but he bought the high end ones. I preferably like hanweii.

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