Questions on authenticity and price Witchking Sword

by Zach
( Springfield, MO.)

I recently purchased a replica of the sword of the Witchking from The Lord of the Rings at a local shop and I am curious about whether or not it's some kind of knockoff and also if I got it for a good price. It only came with the bottom half of the original styrofoam box but inside it was the sword wrapped in plastic, it says made in Taiwan if that's important. It also came with a plaque and a piece of paper that says The Fellowship of the Ring on it. The paper also says it's United Cutlery and has the whole "one ring to rule them all" speech on it as well. I've looked at pictures online and it looks similar and has the "aged" look on the blade, but I'm still not entirely sure. My main concern is the made in Taiwan part and if that's correct or not. I paid 60 dollars for it. Thanks!

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Sounds legit
by: Paul

It sounds legit - the plaque and paper plus United Cutlery suggest it is the real deal as they were the officially licensed company making the best quality decorative replicas. And yes, they were made in Taiwan, so this is no issue.

The only thing that is a little worrisome is the price - $60 is well below the cost price of these swords, most were sold for around double that or even triple that price, but perhaps it had been sitting there for a while and they sold below cost just to get back some cash. If so, you got a great deal - certainly seems like it from the info above!

by: Zach

Thanks for the feedback, Paul. I'm satisfied it's legit. This is a useful website here and I'm sure I'll use it again in the future when I need info on buying swords, or just swords in general.

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