The Reaver Cleaver by Zombie Tools

The Reaver Cleaver by Zombie tools is one of their flagship swords and sums up what this innovative company is all about: heavy metal blades, beer and - well, science and art.

And beer.

Extremely popular, partly due to their marketing efforts with cool destructive videos and no holds barred rock n' roll approach, but mostly based on word of mouth from satisfied customers. As a result, they are made to order rather than sold from stock, with an average turnaround time between 10-12 weeks.

The first glimpse of the model reviewed here today was provided by popular YouTube sword reviewer Skallagrim, where he tested out the reaver cleaver to the max. 

But before this video, one of our SBG members got a hold of it when it was called the 'Mack Daddy O' - so even though the name has changed, the sword certainly has not and is, as you can imagine, one of their most popular blades..

Zombie Tools Reaver Cleaver Review

Review by SBG member Swordmaster 0813

Zombie Apocalypse Ready

When I first saw this as a prototype I was blown away. I instantly fell in love with it I only buy a couple swords a year so I'm pretty picky and I like big swords and tactical set ups which this sword fits both bills =) i

It's modeled after the dadao with a new age tactical flare that only the guys at zombie tools can do and is basically a big chopper made for CQC.

Initial Impressions

Well I paid for this sword before it was ever official so I waited slightly longer than most to receive mine. The wait for a zombie tool sword is about 2-3 months, I waited for 3 1/2 because it had too be tight or it wouldn't be released and it wouldn't be a zombie tools sword (Editors note: Current wait time exceeds 6 months)..

So when it arrived i was so excited I ripped the box open to see it and it was beautiful. I've been doing business with the zombie tools guys for a couple years now and they have never disappointed me but this is way way way over my expectations this is a weapon forged by the gods themselves to do battle with the undead or anything else that goes bump in the night.

The shipping was fast and the zombie tools guys do amazing with customer service i asked probably twice a week for 3 1/2 months how it was coming and i always got a response (I was a little annoying I bet) they are the most friendly bunch of guys and they make top notch weaponry when you hold it in your hands you just know its made by men who truly understand and respect the sword making craft I can't say enough good things about the customer service and the quality craftsmanship.


It says 4 lbs 10 ounces but is balanced so well it feels like 3 lbs all day long I put this sword through its paces cutting tatami bottles plywood as well as cut down full grown birch tree in my yard this sword performs my friends sooooooooooooooo well i wouldn't hesitate to take it to hell with me.


I would highly recommend this sword to anyone and that goes for any zombie tools sword if you don't have one get one asap I wouldn't wanna be without one when the poo hits he fan..


  • Comes razor sharp I mean shaving arm hair sharp
  • for a handmade sword the price is very reasonable
  • full tang - need I say more
  • comfortable leather wrapped grip
  • balanced great for a sword its size
  • tactical and battle ready


  • A little heft too it not a sword for the weak
  • because of the size of the handle you need to get used to it in a combat perspective
  • price for some people (well worth it)
  • comes with a blade cover which is a little hard to fasten to your back


Exclusively available at the Zombie Tools website for $384.95. The only real downside? They are made to order and the wait time can exceed 6-7 months - but if blades like these are your cup of tea, they are well worth the wait..

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