regarding lamination of a Ronin Elite blade.

cotton is highlighting lamination for the photo.

cotton is highlighting lamination for the photo.


I just brought a Ronin Elite, from their scratch and dent sale.
On first impressions it looked very nice, but I now have concerns about its lamination.

The problem is I would expect a Soshu Kitae blade to have Two visable lamination lines on each side, but it only has one lamination line that starts on one side, runs along the blade, then crosses over the edge and continues along the other side to the kissaki.
It looks more like two billits weilded together and that is all.

I contacted Chris scoggins at ronin Katana, and asked if he had a certificate from the forge and he said no.
I then asked him to confirm the lamination type, and he said he doesn't know?
I have asked Chris Yesterday, to find out what info he has on this product and am waiting for a reply.

I am concerned that this is not what is advertised.

Is it common among their elites to not see the laminations? and if so, how do they prove they are laminated without some certificate or paper work of some sort from the forge?

According to the ronin video of them forging a Soshu Kitae, they wield a 1095, 1060, and 1095 together then fold it over once, and then add a 1045 spine.
When they do the fold over it results in a double layer 1095/1095 wield at the edge. I guess that is the lamination I can see but where are the lines where it changes to 1060 for the intermediate layer, then back to 1095 on the outer layer?
I have used black cotton in the pictures to highlight the path of the lamination line.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Matthew Meyer.

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They are legit..
by: Paul

It is normal only to have one line, very close to the hamon visible on these swords. Most of the other panels are more or less internal and not visible to the naked eye. A google search of "Soshu Kitae" will bring up many different images of these blades from Nihonto antiques to other high end reproductions and all only show one lamination line..

They are most definitely what they are advertised as, I have been to the forge and seen them being made first hand and can assure you that they are as advertised.

The only way to prove anything with Chinese made swords is based on the reputation of the seller. Certificates are a dime a dozen and the forges over there will write anything the customer wants, up to and including "made in Japan" so the only way to be certain is to buy from a good seller. Ronin Katana is indeed one such seller, if you bought at the scratch and dent sale, you almost certainly got a fantastic deal.

Thanks Paul.
by: Matthew Meyer

Thank you Paul for your advice about about this Ronin Elite.

Unfortunately Chris didn't get back to me with any info, But I certainly respect and appreciate your taking time to answer this question.
This Katana was a gift from my wife for wrestling a pitt bull to save her Shitsu that was being eaten. - Hence the Lion dog (Shitsu) design Theme.
(My uncle told me years ago,- if your attacked by a dog jamb your fist down its throght and choke it. I never actually thought I'd need that advice !! ha ha.)
Doctors couldn't believe I wasn't more seriously injured.
- She knows Ive wanted a real laminated Katana ever since seeing them in Seki, - Japan 10 years ago. So I was worried we had got the wrong thing.
However, You've set my mind at rest, and for the record, It really is stunning!

Kind Regards,

Matthew Meyer.

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