Replica Katana

Hello, i was trying to find a replica battle ready katana but after reading your guide, going by their prices 50$ they are probably garbage (they're carbon steel but probably not tempered) so i wanted to ask you if you know where i could find and buy a replica of Senbonzakura (Bleach) battle ready so carbon steel and high tempered, thanks!

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Anime swords are usually just decorative
by: Paul

Most anime swords are actually just decorative pieces suitable for cosplay or display. The reason why is the Japanese parent company that owns the rights to the designs does not license anyone to make functional replicas, or indeed even the decorative ones.. And every so often they sue the sellers to collect the money made, so no-one dares to go above the most basic decorative sword or they risk losing the money invested..

Probably the only option is to buy a similar styled sword from a reputable seller, but the cheap replica and cannibalize what parts you can salvage to customize it yourself. May or may not work, but I am afraid due to fear of litigation from the Japanese parent company, it is probably the only viable option for fans of the series.

Replica Katana
by: Keith

Alright, thanks for the answer.

I was reading "Real Katana Prices" a while ago and i'm so shocked, never thought "real" Katana would be that expensive would love to own one of those 10k Nihonto !

Also keep it up your work is magnificient, it explains a lot about the matter and helps a lot of confused people like me.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge !

No problems
by: Paul

No problems, glad to have been of help. And yes, Nihonto can easily cost $10K.. They go up to - well - priceless (i.e. seller will not part with them for millions or they are Japanese national treasures)..

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