Reshaping a Blade

by Hunter Cuthalion
(United States )

Hi, I've been thinking about buying and customizing a Hanwei Tinker Great Sword of War, and one of the changes would be to make the tip of the sword pointed rather than extremely rounded.

Would cutting the trim off with a cutting wheel on an angle grinder work? I am fully aware that the process would take time because if the blade gets too hot, it could ruin the temper.

Also, would it mess up the primary and edge bevels? I know that there will be an extent of clean up work, and that I'd have to fix the edge bevels in the areas cut, but essentially will I have to re-create the primary bevel in the area cut as well?

That pretty much sums it up, thanks so much for your time and effort, I don't know what I'd do without SBG!


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It's not as easy as it first appears..
by: Paul

Hi Hunter,

It sounds like a pretty intensive project to be honest - but it sounds like you are more or less on the right track. Whatever method you use in the first reshaping, you are correct to note that you need to ensure that the blade does not get hot or you will indeed ruin the tempering (and the tempering of the Hanwei/Tinker swords is really quite exceptional, so would be a real waste to destroy it by overheating).

Once you have a rough shape, then yes - you would need to follow the geometry of the existing edge bevel to ensure consistency and to give the tip the optimal shape to penetrate and cut.

If you get stuck, be sure to visit our forum - we have some quite skilled DIYers there who have done what you want to do and who can offer advice if you get stuck!

Most of all though, enjoy the process. The more hands on you can be with your swords, the more personal they become - and most importantly - the more fun you can have!

All the best,
- Paul

Reshaping a blade
by: Adam Pendragwn

This is actually very easy—if you’re already good at such things—I’ve done it countless times. A disk sander attachment for a drill works really well and is inexpensive. Just clamp the sword down flat on a table with a folded towel under it—this cuts way down on noise and holds it more securely. Leave only the part you’re working on hanging off the edge of the table. It will work best if you take the hilt off, so the blade can lay very flat. Keep wetting the blade with a wet rag while grinding and you’ll have no problem with changing the temper (it takes actually a lot more heat and time heated to change the temper than most people think.). Following the edge bevel shouldn’t be a problem if you have a good eye for such a thing. Another option instead of using clamps: If you happen to have a really hot looking girlfriend, she can sit on the sword while you’re grinding on it. You can move the sword much easier and faster by asking her to lift up once in a while, and she’ll think you’re really manly watching you—and if it vibrates enough, she’ll enjoy it too! Just sayin’.

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