Review of Windlass Sword of Noavara (500850)

by D

QUESTION: Thanks to your site I now have a Gen2 Templar sword on its way.

I'm also finding myself drawn to the Windlass Sword of Noavara, but I've held back due to comments about the longer Windlass swords "whippiness".

The sword looks very solid (in 2D), and the high overall weight gives some confidence that it's a solid blade, but I'm seeking some more concrete guidance if possible.

Has anyone in your shop or in your acquaintance reviewed or handled the sword? If not, is there any intent to review this or similar swords?

Any info you can provide would be very useful.

Many thanks


ANSWER: I haven't handled this one personally, but I have heard from some vendor friends of mine that while it is a little bit on the whippy side, it is much better than most Windlass swords of the same length.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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