Ronin Dojo Elite vs Ronin Dojo Pro

by David Hernandez
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Hello! Been reading your articles and watching your videos. Thank you for all you do! I want to know if the Ronin Dojo Elite cuts the way the Ronin Dojo Pro does. I want a more traditionally forged sword found in the Elite line, but I want the cutting power of the Pro. If I'm going to drop $500 more for an Elite, I want that cutting power along with the structure, Hamon, etc. Thanks for your time! Dave Hernandez

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Apples and Oranges
by: Paul

Hi Dave,

Good question! But these are actually pretty hard to compare..

The Dojo Pro are tough beater swords and are monotempered. This means that they will flex and spring back to true, are very durable and max out the potential of modern made steel..

The Elite series are made in a very traditional way. The lamination and differential hardening make the edge hard and the spine soft. On the good side, it means they are better optimized for cutting flesh and bone, which is of course what the katana was used for historically.. On the bad side, a bad cut could bend the blade and cause it to take a set on a cut that the Dojo Pro would just shrug off..

Essentially, the main difference is that the Elite series and other differentially hardened katana are best for martial artists and collectors who want as close to the "real thing" as possible. The Dojo Pro series is best suited to beginners in the Dojo who would otherwise bend or ruin a good sword on a bad cut, or for backyard cutters who tend to take on targets they probably shouldn't from time to time..

As such, it is a trade off and it is not really possible to get the cutting power of the Pro line in a traditional sword..

Hope this clarifies things a bit!

- Paul

by: Dave Hernandez

Thanks. Now I understand. I watched several videos and I will start saving for an Elite. I want the traditional construction. At some point I will end up with a Pro too, and it won't matter. LOL.

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