by rod
(christchurch new zealand)

QUESTION: I have a sword that someone must of been touching (I usally clean it every time its touched) that has rust spot type of things on it is there any way to remove these spots.


It is pretty frustrating when people touch a sword with their fingers, the acidic secretions in skin is pretty nasty on steel...

There are several ways to remove it though. The easiest way is by using a product such as CLR Clear - wear gloves, use it undiluted and then run the blade under a tap and wipe it down before drying and re-oiling. (I like to spray with WD-40 after drying to get rid of any moisture, and be sure to hold the blade under the tap with the tip pointing downwards to avoid water getting in the hilt).

The other way is to use a product such as Metal Glo or any other commercially available metal polish. Only thing to watch out for, if the sword is a Katana with a fake hamon, you can actually polish it off...!

More tips can be found on cleaning up a rusty sword here in the sword care section of SBG.


- Paul

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Where to get this clr clear
by: Anonymous

I've looked it up but i can't seem to find where to buy it, if you could help it would be very helpful, i am having the same problem with my 5160 carbon steel sword. Ty :)

About rust
by: Adam Pendragwn

Funny thing: I have owned countless swords over the last thirty years or so, and curently own around ten, none of them stainless steel. I never oil them, and I handle them all the time without ever wiping the prints off, and I've never had a problem with rust, at all. And, I live in Germany where it rains all the time. Weird huh?

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