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QUESTION: I found this place in the web. They provide a full description of their process and they are focused mainly on medieval swords. They hand made their production. Do you have any comment about them? I guess they are not between your five top places because they exceed our target value of US$ 300?

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ANSWER: That is exactly why - they are naturally over the self imposed $300 limit - and that really is the only reason they are not mentioned.

Jim Hrisoulas and his company have been around since - well, pretty much forever and have a totally rock solid reputation. If you get one of these, you will NOT be disappointed... :-)


- Paul

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Salamander Armory is Great !!!1
by: Amandil

One of the finest blade smiths in the country ! I just bought one of his Nagamaki blades. It will shave the ink off a business card.

special orders
by: Anonymous

Excellent blades, superb craftsman. A fairly decent selection. As for something custom chances are slim and none. Just not interested.

Great items by a real bladesmith
by: Anonymous

Great items by a real bladesmith.

I purchased from Mr Hrisoulas an unusual laminated Ken pattern straight short sword with a symmetrical double edge flat grind smoothly transitioning to tip without defined kissaki.

Handle is black rayskin and burgundy cord wrap to match the red/black crinkle finish saya.

It is a beautiful blade and is razor sharp.

Pricing was a real value considering the high level of fit and finish.

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