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QUESTION: Sorry Paul, but this is currently the only way I am able to contact you about an issue with logging in to SBG Forum. At home, I am set to be constantly logged in. Every time I go to the Forum, I am automatically logged in. At work however, just recently when I try to log in, my name shows up in the Users Online section, but I have no privliges. No options to post, respond, or otherwise. It does not say "Hello Mark Mowrey you have 55 messages, 0 new in the top right of the banner..." I have not had an issue prior to this. I was not sure if you had some across a similar issue or if the problem is my machine or the Forum.


Mark Mowrey


This has happened a few times before, but is fairly easily fixed. Go to log in as usual, but specify the log in time as 'forever'. You can off course log out later, but it seems that doing this sorts it out - not sure why, but it does work.

If you have any troubles with it let me know and I'll get it sorted for you.

See you on the forums!

- Paul

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Login problem
by: johnwwhite@


I've sent a registration request over 2 weeks ago and have not been approved. Been trying to contact one of your users are some swords he is looking for. I'd post my email but it looks like this would be public so I just did the first part of it in the Your Name section. I've sent two emails and also sent one of those issue requests which I can't seem to find again. Can you please go through the list of pending requests?

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