sharp vs sgc

by Jim
(Garland, TX USA)

QUESTION: I have a pretty sharp katana already. I am thinking about geting a sgc cheness katana but I have heard rumors saying that it is not that sharp. Do you think that a sgc could cut better than a regular sharp katana? Many say it is dull felling when you feel the blade. Really all I want know is it considered a functonal katana.


The reason why some people have this impression is because the blade has a Hira-Niku Profile (basically, an appleseed bevel) - and they are used to the much more acute angle of a thinner blade.

A Katana with Hira Niku will not feel as sharp casually thumbing it as a much thinner blade. But it cuts heavier targets much better - and should you run your finger along the blade rather than across it - well, you may well end up needing microsurgery... (this HAS actually happened by people who have made the mistake of underestimating a Hira Niku blade!).

As shown in my review of these swords, they are most definitely functional!!

- Paul

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Cheness blade sharpness
by: Kit

Good information. I'm considering a Cheness for my next buy.

sharp vs sgc
by: Anonymous

Have recently purchased a Hanwei Miyamoto Musashi Katana as my first sword and was very dissapointed as to it's apparent sharpness when thumbing it,pleased I did not run my finger down it with any pressure before I tested it on shaving hair(it is hair shaving sharp and cuts paper very cleanley once you get the initial cut in)I think the warning you have given on your site is to be observed by anyone purchasing a Katana (it does fool you!)Enjoying the site.Thanks.

yamakami is kinda sharp
by: Anonymous

my kitchen knives came sharper then this blade. I just got my yamakami today and it is definitely NOT razor sharp, it wont shave hair off your arm but it does cut paper without tearing it when you drag it across the blade.

by: Anonymous

...why don't you just try *really* hard to shave that hair off your arm? Maybe you'll find out what the sword is actually meant for then...

The reason razors work so well at hair removal is because they're so thin. Try cutting something thick with an unsupported 27" razor blade and you're more likely to remove your eye with shards of steel than you are to cut through a heavy target. My Boker Bowie knife will shave the hair off my arm, but I wouldn't want that relatively thin-edged blade profile for my katana. That apple seed blade profile makes for a stronger, more durable blade that is capable of cutting heavier targets more than once. If you want to impress your friends by trimming your nose hair with your new Yamakami then I suggest you find a new hobby.

Sorry for the hostility. I just get irritated with "professional experts" who directly contradict the people who so graciously take their time to research and explain things in a way that everyone can understand.


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