Sharpening stone/wetstone

by Steve

Simply use the course side of the stone to create the edge of your liking then finish with the fine side until you achieve the edge you choose. Of course as most of you may know there are really only a few different edge types. One for light cutting. Which is the "razor" sharp edge. One for medium targets,which can be almost razor sharp. And one for harder targets, which can also be almost razor sharp. And of course as Mr.southern has previously explained, it pretty much depends on the niku you need,want, or desire which you can transform in many of different types/ways. But that is another lesson in itself. Much like the fact that different blade tips/points can perform differently in their own unique and purposely made way. The meat/niku and actual blade edge can be shaped/molded or manipulated to do several different types of cutting,slashing,slicing, or chopping. And of course thrusting. I would suggest a sharpening puck. They are awesome.

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