Sharpness of a one-and-a-half sword

by Kirill

QUESTION: I bought a Windlass sword from Reliks and asked to sharpen it. Well,it doesn't seem so "sharp" at all and when i tried to test-cut a straw mat, I only cut through a couple of layers of straw!

Should I try to sharpen it more or this is how the european swords are supposed to be?? Oh,and my pommell (peened) became somewhat loose after I sliced through several water-filled gallons and a broom stick. Is it really a normal thing, as the dude at Reliks said?

ANSWER: Reliks are a great and highly recommended Vendor, but I am afraid that there sharpening service is not the best. I have had a similar experience myself, and know of others who have had the same thing happen - so while their service makes it easier for a final touch up, it is far from complete. (I am putting together a review that explains this more in detail within the next few days).

As to the looseness, I would say cutting the broomstick would definitely have caused some problems. There isn't much give on those and they are actually an extremely hard target to cut - as opposed to softwood dowels.

The shockwaves would transfer to the hilt and cause problems. Bearing in mind that Windlass swords are pretty much a good representation of an average sword of the period in they were made in - though with a better heat treatment.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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