shinwa any good and who makes them?

by mike degrazia
(new york)

QUESTION: I was wondering if shinwa was any good, if youve tested them and who actually makes them. where does budk get them?


I've been asked that question a lot recently. ;-)

But the answer is, no - I haven't tested them and probably wont for the simple reason that BudK usually only seem to sell items with a very large markup - which means the bang for the $ isn't there...

And just looking at them, well - really doesn't inspire me with confidence if you know what I mean...

There are much better deals for the same money.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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again, a very diplomatic response
by: Anonymous

you really have a talent for working with people Paul

Re: shinwa any good and who makes them
by: Anonymous

I agree with Paul on his evaluation of the product. I have never used these sword from BudK either, but I have used a number of products from BudK and tested them and 100% of the products failed to meet a required level of toughness and some were just poorly made and not worth looking at. They certainly mark up a great deal and you can usually do much better going through a source that cares more about the blades and less about the profit.

BudK sells a couple Musashis, however
by: Jeremy

A couple of swords that budk sell appear to be Musashi blades, often with different names. The Zetsurin is called the Musha and the price is about what you'd pay on most web sites. The only thing is that budk puts a frosted K on the blade above the collar, not a big deal, I just don't like it. So not EVERYTHING that budk sells is pure junk... just most of it.

shinwa makes good swords... for display.
by: Anonymous

i realise this is late but... i purchased a shinwa sword from budk in fall of last year (2009). it was originally $129.99 and was marked down to $69.00. the description states it is made of hand forged, battle ready, high carbon steel, but this is not the case. later research found it to be made of high carbon STAINLESS steel (440 series)... WHICH BREAKS. they are heavier than traditional katanas and it was not flexible at all.- i bent it 10 degrees to test it and it took- i was so displeased with the the sword's quality (as well as pissed off by an inaccurate description) i ended up destroying it to further prove it 'not-so-practical' application as a "battle ready" katana. the blade would constantly bent, the tsuka broke along the spine and began to fall apart, and it all fell loose. i swore to never buy from them again, BUT, then i saw they had a shinwa blue damascus odachi and it is BEAUTIFUL. IF i ever bought it, it would hang on the wall and look cool, but i would never think of practicing with it or even swinging it around.

by: Anonymous

Wish i found this site earlier... Good job guys... Keep it up

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